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What Age Should You Start Taking Testosterone Boosters?

If you’re in your 40s, you’ll already have been deluged with adverts for testosterone boosters thanks to internet algorithms but what is the right age to take these products?

Well, it’s not as straightforward as you might think and certainly, there’s no magic age to start taking them.

This is because it differs between individuals but here’s what the science says about testosterone boosters and age.

The Link Between Testosterone And Age

Testosterone is the “male sex hormone” though it is produced by both men’s and women’s bodies, it is produced in larger quantities in men and is the predominant sex hormone.

It helps to play a role in:

  • The development of your red blood cells
  • The production of healthy sperm
  • The development of muscle mass and the strength that goes alongside it
  • The density of your bones
  • Your overall sexual and physical health
  • It may also affect your overall mood and behavior (this has been shown in animal studies but these have not, yet, been repeated in human beings)

When your body reaches puberty, it starts to crank out testosterone like there’s no tomorrow and it shows in your reaction to it.

Young men have high sex drives, boundless energy (for the gym, the dancefloor, the bedroom or the warehouse) and it can also manifest in other, less welcome, ways by causing acne or the growth of facial hair.

The Drop In Testosterone Levels

Sadly, this huge boost of testosterone doesn’t last forever, in fact, it only lasts (in most of us) until about our 30th birthday.

Once we’ve blown out the candles on that cake, we can expect our maximum levels of testosterone production to start dropping.

30th birthday

We lose about 1% a year starting at 30, then when we hit 40 and are tumbled head first into “midlife”, it climbs to about 2% a year.

This is why middle-aged men are the targets of testosterone booster adverts – typically it’s the time in male life when testosterone levels start to drop enough that we notice the impact of it.

It’s Not Just Forty-Year-Olds That Suffer From Low T

However, if you check out our symptoms guide for low testosterone, you’ll quickly realize that low testosterone can affect anyone, both male or female at any time in life.

There are plenty of men in their 20s and 30s who aren’t producing enough testosterone.

Also, it’s worth noting if symptoms of low testosterone suddenly come on in your 50s, you should get a complete health check up – they might be the symptoms of an underlying health condition.

So, When Should You Start Taking Testosterone Boosters?

As you may have guessed by now, the answer for this is in line with what the adverts are saying – for most men, they may benefit from using a testosterone booster in their 40s.

Middle age

This is the point where the loss of testosterone production tends to be felt most keenly in the body. 

And certainly, if you’re a healthy, happy 20-year-old or 30-year-old, there’s no need to boost what your body is doing naturally. 

But if you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, you can have your levels checked by your medical practitioner and if they think that you’ve got low testosterone, it can’t hurt to start taking boosters at any age.

Though, you might want to cut out these foods that reduce testosterone first before supplementing if you’re a younger person. 

So, What Are Testosterone Boosters?

We’ve got a complete guide to the best natural testosterone boosters which can walk you through this in detail.

But, in essence, a testosterone booster is a combination of completely natural ingredients which have been shown to have some impact on the body’s ability to produce testosterone by itself.

They do not contain any actual testosterone (in extreme cases of low testosterone, a doctor may provide testosterone injections but these may bring about other medical complications, a natural booster is always the best place to start) or steroids and they simply encourage your body to make more testosterone. 

This means testosterone boosters are completely safe to take. 

It’s worth noting that’s not a guarantee that any particular booster will have the impact that you want it to – you may need to chop and change to find one that your body responds well to – it’s just an observation that all-natural ingredients are harmless. 

Final Thoughts On The Age To Start Taking Testosterone Boosters

If you’ve got symptoms of low testosterone and you’re in your 40s, you could try taking testosterone boosters and see if they help, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

However, if you’re younger or older than this and you’ve developed symptoms, we’d strongly recommend that you talk to a medical professional to get their input before you start taking boosters.

This may save you from wasting your money and more importantly, it may help to identify a more serious underlying condition which is causing the low testosterone. 

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