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Unbeatable Mind Forges Resiliency and Mental Toughness

Mark Divine believes that we are all capable of 20x more than we think or believe we can. In Unbeatable Mind he will show you how to train your mind as you would train your body.

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Win Before You Begin

By the way, another great brain training book is 13 Things Mentally Strong People Do and it’s great to read in conjunction with the earliest part of this book.

But when Mark gets to the end of his program – he wants you to be able to hold a winning mindset before you begin any activity.

This is a recipe for surefire success in every activity.

The Warrior Spirit

This he calls your “warrior spirit” (and in a similar vein to Think Like A Warrior) which you can call up when you need to.

Mental toughness is the most important quality in success and Mark Divine can help you find it.

You can find Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level by Mark Divine online.

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