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The Plant-Based Athlete Is A Game-Changer

Many people argue that it’s impossible to be the best athlete you can be without eating meat.  Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke say that these people are wrong. 

And in The Plant-Based Athlete, they offer conclusive proof that you can be the best in the world eating nothing but plants. 

Why We Love The Plant-Based Athlete

There’s so much useful evidence in this book, check out the chapter on protein, for example which demolishes the idea that plant-based proteins won’t provide the muscle you need.

The Plant-Based Athlete

And on top of that, there are real life accounts from some of the world’s finest athletes about their plant-based routines and to ensure you can do the same, there are tons of powerful, delicious recipes you can follow too.

Final Thoughts On The Plant-Based Athlete

It’s very easy to say “No! You don’t need animal products. Plant-based is fine.” But it’s much harder to make the clear case that this is true using real world evidence.

But that’s what Frazier and Cheeke have achieved with The Plant-Based Athlete and, in addition to being full of valuable information, it’s very easy to read and put into practice.

You can grab a copy online here.

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Stephen Oliver
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