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Testosterone Boosters Side Effects Guide


With more and more men turning to testosterone boosters, it’s important to know if they’re doing the right thing and whether or not these products are safe.

So, we’ve done some research on the ingredients of testosterone boosters to find any possible side effects.

Here’s what we found!

Not All Testosterone Boosters Have Side Effects

Testosterone Booster Side Effects

We’ve got a great list of all-natural testosterone boosters here and if you’re suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone, you may be raring to try them out.

The good news is that not all testosterone boosters have side effects and even those that do, are unlikely to cause any serious issues. 

However, there are some ingredients in these booster regimes that you might want to keep an eye on. 



This is an amino acid that allows your blood vessels to naturally widen, it is sometimes used to treat heart disease, erectile dysfunction and even high blood pressure. 

When it is included in a testosterone booster it is because of its impact on libido and athletic performance. 

However, it’s important to note that research suggests that if you take more than 30 grams (that’s far more than in a daily dose of testosterone booster, mind you) it could be toxic.

It may also interact with some medications and could increase the risks of bleeding when injured, drop your blood pressure to low levels, and impact blood sugar and blood potassium. 

So, it’s probably best to talk to your physician if you use a booster with L-arginine in it. 



That is dehydroepiandrosterone to give its full name and it’s a hormone that you already produce in your body.

Evidence shows that it may increase the levels of free testosterone produced in the bodies of men. 

However, it may also be linked to hair loss, an upset stomach and high blood pressure and it has known problematic drug interactions.

Again, it’s best to discuss using DHEA with a physician before you incorporate it into your daily routine. 

And that’s it. 

Yes, there are two ingredients which might be a minor cause for concern in over-the-counter testosterone boosters. 

And even then, the odds are pretty good that because these ingredients are natural, if you don’t consume them in huge quantities, they should be perfectly OK.

We would also acknowledge that the following ingredients do not have any current health concerns but do have some minor issues associated with their use:

  • Tribulus terrestris – it’s not proven to stimulate testosterone production though some research suggests it might
  • Creatine – it’s very useful for building muscle mass and for energy in workouts but may not be beneficial for testosterone production
  • HMB (hydroxymethyl butyrate) – it is linked by research to muscle mass and strength gains but there’s no current evidence it boosts testosterone levels, further research is needed on long-term safety of this ingredient but there are no suggestions of ill-effects so far

Final Thoughts

All natural testosterone boosters are likely to be safe because they only contain natural ingredients and side-effects of most ingredients are non-existent.

If you have any concerns about any medicine you take, you should speak to a physician or medical doctor to get their advice. 

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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