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The Strongest Bone in the Body

Have you ever wondered which bone is the strongest in your body? Well, we did too and we asked biologists and archaeologists about it and this is what we found.

The strongest bone in the human body is the one that supports the entire weight of the individual and is also the longest bone, yes, it’s the femur.

Here’s a little more data on the femur and why it’s so important.

About The Femur

The Strongest Bone in the Body

At the top of the femur is a rounded head which is cupped by the joint of the hip. This design allows the femur to move in nearly any direction without too much pressure.

The neck of the femur extends to one side of the joint to provide the maximum room for movement, however, it is here that we find a weak spot on the femur.

The elongated neck is easier to fracture or break than the rest of the bone as, by necessity, it is the thinnest part.

At the knee, it forms the cup of the joint in which the tibia (the lower leg bone will fit).

Why The Femur Is The Strongest Bone In The Body


The femur is the longest bone in the body and it is the bone that humans place their weight on most often. 

It has to endure the efforts of running, jumping, dancing, hopping, etc. and if it were to wear away or break – the person would be effectively, permanently disabled, particularly prior to the invention of modern medicine.

In fact, the femur has become so strong, due to the muscular manipulation of the area during the person’s life that it is often the last part of a person that remains after they are dead. 

This allows archaeologists to use the femur to determine not just the age of a body but also its sex, though there is some debate over how accurate this classification system might be. 

The femur is also, generally, the strongest bone in many animals too, though flying or aquatic creatures might be exempt from this (yes, even some whales have femurs). 

In fact, the earliest known species to have developed a femur was a prehistoric lobe-finned fish called the eusthenopteron.

Final Thoughts On The Strongest Bone in the Body

When you think about it, it’s no surprise that the femur is the strongest bone in the body, it has to do so much work during your lifetime, and it can’t wear out or break without severely limiting what you can do.

If you want the strongest possible bones in your body, then you need to do strength training and you might also benefit from supplements such as creatine supplements and testosterone booster supplements.

Muscle strength and bone strength, usually, go hand-in-hand in healthy bodies.


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Stephen Oliver
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