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Strength Training Anatomy Is A Classic

To reach your maximum potential strength, you need to understand the anatomy that underpins it. 

Many strength training workouts focus only on technique without a thought for the body beneath but Strength Training anatomy is different. 

Why We Love Strength Training Anatomy

Frederic Delavier’s one of our favorite strength gurus, in fact, he made our best bodybuilding books list twice! (The other title is Delavier’s Women’s Strength Training Anatomy Workouts). 

In this book, he strips back the layers of the body so that you can understand how muscle, bone, ligament, tendon, etc. combine to provide us with strength.

Strength Training Anatomy

Then he offers insight into how you can combine this knowledgex with specific exercises to push yourself to new heights and how you can do so safely.

With over 600 full-color illustrations, there’s never a moment when you’re left wondering what is expected of you. 

It’s considered one of the greatest bodybuilding books of all time for good reason. 

Final Thoughts On Strength Training Anatomy

There are very few books on strength training that everyone should own but Strength Training Anatomy is one of them. 

This is the most science-driven way to approach improving your strength and it’s very easy to understand and get into.

If you’re looking for ways to start strength training then you might want to begin with our free guide to strength training for beginners and then add a copy of Strength Training Anatomy once you’ve mastered that.

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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