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Raising a Mentally Fit Generation With Science-Based Tools & Strategies

It’s never been easy to be a parent. And today’s world is particularly complex.

That’s why Kari Sutton wrote Raising a Mentally Fit Generation. 

She wants to help your children succeed in whatever they choose to do in life and to give you the tools to help them do that. 

What Will You Learn? 

Kari will teach you practical strategies to help your kids become more resilient. 

And no don’t worry, you won’t be fighting them with spears like some Ancient Spartan but rather using simple, safe exercises to guide them through sources of potential conflict and their solutions.

raising a mentally fit generation book cover

This can help prevent your kids falling into the abyss of depression and anxiety that so many teens seem to find themselves in.

It also helps them to focus on what matters to them and to learn to achieve it. 

Final Thoughts On Raising a Mentally Fit Generation

If you’re looking to improve your own mental toughness to support your kids in their journey may we recommend: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, The Undefeated Mind, and Unbeatable Mind

We’ve found them to be super useful in our own journey.

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