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Prohormones Vs. Testosterone Boosters

Low testosterone can be a huge problem for both men and women but what should you take to overcome this problem? Prohormones? Or testosterone boosters?

Well, it very much depends as you will see and it’s not a choice to be made lightly. 

What Are Prohormones And What Are They For?

Prohormones Vs. Testosterone Boosters

Some people confuse prohormones with steroids and while they are both drugs which require a prescription for legal use, they are not the same thing. 

A prohormone is basically a chemical formula which is meant to mimic the action of testosterone in your body. 

The idea is that by introducing these chemicals, your body may be persuaded into making some testosterone of its own. 

Common brand names include androstenedione and androstenediol. 

When these drugs were developed, they were considered something of a magic bullet for low testosterone in the human body. 

However, current studies are not so rosy about prohormones and while they may be effective in the short-term, they don’t appear to do very much in the long-term. 

What Are Testosterone Boosters And What Are They For?

Testosterone Boosters

We’ve got a list of the best testosterone boosters and as you’ll see they’re full of natural ingredients.

That is they mainly consist of herbal and mineral components with some vitamins. 

You don’t need a prescription to use a testosterone booster because there’s nothing “medical” in them, all the ingredients can be found on the shelf in your local supermarket (or, at least, in someone’s supermarket, somewhere). 

The idea behind testosterone boosters is simple. They provide the nutrients that the body uses to make testosterone, they may also help to inhibit the decay of testosterone in the body into estrogen. 

Prohormones Vs. Testosterone Boosters – The Key Differences Between Them

So, you’ve got symptoms of low testosterone, you’ve decided to do something about it, but you’re not sure what the key differences are between prohormones and testosterone boosters?

They are:

  1. The constituent parts. The natural testosterone booster contains no chemicals or pharmaceuticals and thus, needs no prescription, the ingredients it does use are designed to help your body start producing testosterone for itself, there is no hormone present. Prohormones, on the other hand, are chemical products that combine into testosterone directly in the body. They must be prescribed.
  2. The time to be effective. Prohormones appear to be effective faster than testosterone boosters in a couple of weeks or so, whereas the testosterone booster can take a month or more to produce benefits.
  3. The long-term impact. Studies show that prohormones are not a good idea for long-term use, not only may they become less effective over time but they may also cause harm to your health. Testosterone boosters, however, are completely safe to use for as long as you need them. All the ingredients are FDA approved as safe and healthy in testosterone boosters. 

Problems Associated With Prohormone Use

There are very few side effects known to exist with testosterone boosters as natural ingredients don’t tend to cause health problems.

The only thing you should watch out for is any ingredients that you might be allergic to but even this is a rarity with testosterone boosters, they don’t tend to be made out of nuts and other common allergens.

Prohormone use, however, has been associated with specific issues:

Mood swing
  1. Allergies. Yes, you can have an allergic reaction to prohormones too but this is likely to be even rarer than it is with testosterone boosters, to be fair.
  2. Tiredness. Prohormone use appears to take some getting used to and a very commonly reported side-effect is fatigue and/or the lack of focus in day-to-day life. This isn’t the best news if you were hoping to work out more effectively thanks to their use.
  3. Acne. It’s just like being a teenager again (see our guide on what age to take testosterone boosters for details) and acne flare ups are very common with a synthetic boost to testosterone production.
  4. Mood swings. The big reason you need a prescription for these drugs is that they can cause vicious mood swings between deep levels of depression and very high levels of anger and emotional distress. Your physician should monitor your progress carefully with prohormone use. 

Prohormones Vs. Testosterone Boosters – Which Is More Effective?

There’s no doubt that prohormones are the better fix, at least in the short-term, for severe testosterone deficiency but they must  be prescribed by a doctor, don’t buy them from a mate in the gym.

We’d also note: prohormones aren’t great for working out because of the side-effects.

Testosterone boosters, however, are the best option for those with some symptoms of low T and who want to work out. 

They have no side effects, tend to boost energy levels and lead to real gains in muscle mass. 

Final Thoughts On Prohormones Vs. Testosterone Boosters

If you’re suffering from low testosterone then it’s natural to examine the difference between prohormones and testosterone boosters.

It’s simple: testosterone boosters are safe and you can try them whenever you think you might need them, prohormones may cause side effects and need a medical intervention for their use.

You only use prohormones if your testosterone deficiency is particularly severe.

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