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Keep Your Brain Alive With Neurobics

As we get older, we tend to find that it’s harder to remember things and to learn new things.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Lawrence C Katz and Manning Rubin have developed a workout for the mind on a par with Fredric Delavier’s workouts for the body

The book includes 83 neurobic exercises to help prevent memory loss and Increase mental fitness.

What You Will Learn

Neurobics are exercise for the brain in the same way that you do exercise for the body and they stop your mind from getting weaker as you age.

There are 83 specific training exercises in the book and each one exercises a different aspect of your mind. 

keep your brain alive book cover

Do them often enough, and they become second nature, rather like brushing your teeth. 

And that’s really important because they can then continue to provide benefits forever rather than being forgotten along with your car keys. 

Final Thoughts On Keep Your Brain Alive

We were really surprised with how quickly you see benefits from using the techniques in Keep Your Brain Alive and we’d be happy to recommend them to anyone.

If you want some other resources for improving your mind, you might also try Think Like A Warrior and Unbeatable Mind, they’re awesome too. 

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