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7 Foods That Kill Testosterone

Testosterone plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and yet, most people don’t know that there are foods that might kill our testosterone production.

In fact, there are seven food groups that could be problematic and you might want to reduce the quantities you eat of them if you want to stay in tip-top health and shape. 

Soy And Soy Products

There’s a lot of heated debate around the exact biochemical properties of soy.

What is clear is that it contains compounds known as “phytoestrogens” which are very similar to estrogen, the female sex hormone, produced in our bodies. 

Foods That Kill Testosterone

High levels of estrogen reduce testosterone production. 

So, it is possible that soy might do the same, however, as we say, there’s a lot of argument on this, particularly as soy is important to many vegan diets. 

And more research is needed to be 100% sure that soy has an impact on testosterone levels in humans. 

Dairy Products

Human beings are mammals and, unusually for mammals, we’ve developed the handy ability to drink the milk of other mammals.

However, this might not be a good thing if you suffer from Low T

Dairy Products

Because cows are also mammals, they too produce hormones which are similar to human hormones and milk comes from lady cows.

That means that the milk could contain estrogen, there is also some concern that as cows are fed on soy, the milk might contain more estrogen than normal. 

Alcohol (Particularly in Excess)

Whether you’re strength training or training mental toughness, we wouldn’t recommend that you make alcohol part of your routine, hangovers and drunkenness are not conducive to self-discipline. 


And, in addition to that, alcohol interferes with testosterone production and dramatically reduces your body’s available testosterone. 

This is why you never see a bald life-long alcoholic, as male pattern baldness is a result of an excess of testosterone and alcoholics never have High T. 

Mint (Peppermint and Spearmint)

This was the saddest addition to our list, we love that you can make a lovely cup of mint tea and just chill out but there are, at least, two studies that show it’s just not a good idea.


However, both these studies show that mint consumption, and in particular peppermint and spearmint, reduces testosterone production in women, there are no equivalent studies for men. 

We opted to leave out the mint tea, though, as there are alternatives and to us, it seems likely that if there is a measurable impact on women’s testosterone levels, that men will see something similar. 

Bread And Other High Carb Foods

There was a study published in Nutrients and listed on the NCBI that shows that Taiwanese men who like their bread and other high carb foods such as pastries, suffer from lower testosterone than those who don’t eat such foods. 


We’d note that bread and high carb foods are something of a rarity in the Chinese/Taiwanese diet and thus, this impact might be more severe in this population than one where bread is a staple food, but why take the chance?

Licorice Roots

licorice roots

Studies in women and animals have seen reductions in testosterone levels after consuming licorice root but no such studies are yet available for men. 

For now, it’s probably best not to risk it. 

Trans Fats And Omega-6 Fatty Acids

We have to be very specific here and note that dietary analysis has shown trans fats and Omega-6 fatty acids to reduce testosterone and the function of testicles.

However, Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to boost the levels of testosterone and improve testicular function! 

How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

If you’re concerned about your testosterone levels, you can start by cutting out the foods above and also try a few natural ways to tackle the issue – such as eating a balanced diet, not overeating, losing weight if you are obese, exercising on a regular basis and sleeping well. 

You can also try taking some supplements to help influence testosterone production in the body, we can recommend our best natural testosterone booster supplements as we have had great success with them. 

Final Thoughts On Killing Testosterone

There is no doubt that diet and exercise play a serious role in our ability to produce testosterone and maintain a healthy amount of the hormone in our blood stream. 

That means it can pay to watch what you eat and avoid these foodstuffs that might interfere with testosterone production. 

You need to be careful about what you eat!


Because some food types can kill your body’s ability to make testosterone! Seriously.

Science says these seven foods are particularly bad!

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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