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7 Daily Habits to Build Your Mental Strength

Mental strength is one of the most important, but often overlooked, aspects of fitness.

It’s not about being cocky or unbreakable; it’s about having the resilience to keep going when things get tough.

Building your mental strength takes time and patience. Mental strength, like physical strength, requires a conscious effort for you to build it up and produce more of it. 

The good news is that there are plenty of simple daily habits that you can adopt to help you build mental strength and they’re not as grueling as adding another gym workout to your day.

We’ve touched on why you need mental strength here, so we’re going to assume you know why you need it and focus on how to build mental strength. 

Take Control Of Your Life And Attention

switch off social media

Possibly the biggest source of mental weakness in modern life is the dopamine hit provided by meaningless, low value interaction on social media. 

This is driven by likes, comments, shares, etc. which add value to Facebook’s bottom line but do nothing for you.

Take control of your life and switch off social media or keep it to a set, short time each day and watch your mental strength soar. 

Take Stock Of Yourself And Become Self-Aware

If you want to be mentally strong, you need to know your weaknesses now. Then you can work on overcoming them.

This means being honest with yourself and becoming in touch with your feelings and mental state and learning how to create peace and calm within, even when there’s a crisis in the offing. 

This process can be aided with meditation which helps you look inward for answers without blame or fear. 

Take Responsibility When Things Go Wrong

Take Responsibility When Things Go Wrong

Your successes are your own and we’re all pretty good at celebrating when things go right. But so are your failures and that’s not a bad thing.

Learning to accept what we got wrong doesn’t mean dwelling in misery and blame, it means identifying learning experiences so that we can do better tomorrow and even better the day after that. 

And the more you take responsibility for yourself? The more other people will respect you and support you. 

Develop A Sense Of Self-Belief

Sure, we know, it’s often easier said than done but if you don’t believe you’re worth anything as a human being or capable of achieving anything, who else will believe it?

Everyone has the potential for greatness and you may find that meditation can help or using affirmations, that is positive statements about yourself, can boost this sense of self-belief. 

We believe in you, but you must believe in you too. 

Learn To Give Freely Of Yourself

Learn To Give Freely Of Yourself

Mentally strong people aren’t doormats and this doesn’t mean that every time that someone asks something of you, you have to give up and do it.

But, mentally strong people are also not selfish people addicted to only their own gains. They want to help and nurture others. 

And giving something back every day, even on the days when you’re tired and not feeling 100% is a great way to remember that you matter because as you contribute more?

People are going to like you more and cheer your successes on too. 

Embrace Change

If there’s anything more inevitable than death and taxes it’s change. Human beings are designed to adapt to just about any change, in fact.

But… Most of us don’t like change and we’ll do just about anything to resist it, even when that change is inevitable.

When you embrace change, you’re playing to your strengths, instead of wasting energy fighting the inevitable, you’re spending it on capitalizing on the change and succeeding while others whine.

Choose To Learn Something New All The Time

Choose To Learn Something New All The Time

And here’s the most important habit of them all, you have to learn something new every day if you want to be mentally strong.

A strong mind is an agile mind, full of information and not the deluge of rubbish about soap operas and insignificant events on social media or on TV but the kind of information that builds careers, bodies, and businesses. 

Seek out useful, valuable information and immerse yourself in it every day and soon you’ll find your mental gifts growing at a frighteningly fast rate.

Final Thoughts

These simple habits are incredibly effective for building mental strength and while they’re not always easy to follow, hard work and dedication will bring rewards. 

If you’re looking for other resources to build your mental strength check out a podcast or some TED Talks.

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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