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Can Testosterone Levels Be Boosted Naturally?

Some folks swear it’s impossible to boost testosterone naturally but we beg to differ.

In fact, we’ve found 9 scientifically proven means of raising your testosterone levels without resorting to medication.

9 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

It’s important to note that you can still suffer from low testosterone even if you do everything on this list right. 

So, if you think you’re suffering from Low T and you can’t make an impact on it, you might want to talk to your doctor about your options. 

However, these 9 tactics can all be employed successfully, particularly in combination, for many people to get a natural boost to their testosterone without resorting to medicines. 

Exercising (Strength Training)

We recommend strength training for everyone because it’s the best way to ensure your future health and another benefit is that it boosts testosterone. 

Can Testosterone Levels Be Boosted Naturally?

In fact, studies have shown that if you’re obese, strength training is better for raising T-levels than losing weight! 

If you don’t feel up to taking on a major routine, right now, start with resistance bands and resistance training – it’s cheap, you can do it anywhere and it doesn’t have to take much time. 

Eat The Right Amounts Of Protein, Fat And Carbs

You need to eat a balanced diet which contains just enough calories for you to either bulk up a bit or stay at the same weight.

Constantly fluctuating diets are a nightmare for testosterone production whereas eating protein helps maintain muscle, carbs help to optimize testosterone levels in the blood and fats are essential for overall health. 

Keep Stress To A Minimum

We’d recommend that you do some mental toughness training, which is easy and not expensive, to keep your stress levels to a minimum. 

Mental Training

It will also help you achieve your ambitions in life and that’s never a bad thing, right?

Cortisol is the stress hormone and it is known to interfere with testosterone production. No stress, means no cortisol. 

Get Out In The Sun (Vitamin D Matters)

A study showed that getting enough Vitamin D every day, boosted testosterone production by an incredible 25% over a single year. 

The easiest way to get vitamin D is to get out in the sun and your body will make it for you, but if you can’t – then take supplements, which are cheap and healthy. 

Vitamin D also significantly boosts the immune system. 

Take Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

Most vitamins and minerals seem to play some part in producing testosterone, the exact relationships aren’t fully understood, yet, however.

Vitamin Supplements

It’s best to get your RDA (recommended daily amount) of Vitamins A, B, C and E as well as Zinc if you want to get your testosterone up to the maximum levels. 

These multivitamin supplements can help with this. 

Get The Right Sleep

Getting only 5 hours sleep a night results in a testosterone deficiency of around 15%, only 4 hours a night means you’re guaranteed to not have enough testosterone in your blood. 


You need 7-10 hours of good sleep a night for the best production of testosterone. 

Use A Natural Testosterone Booster

There are many natural substances linked to promoting natural testosterone production in the body – the best known of which is ashwagandha

Others include horny goat weed, tongkat ali, Mucuna puriens, ginger, shilajit and more. 

The best way to find out what works for you is to experiment or to buy a premade testosterone booster supplement. 

We’ve got a superb list of the best testosterone booster supplements here for you. 

Stay Healthy

A healthy body produces testosterone easily, an unhealthy one – not so much. 

In addition to the steps above, avoid alcohol and drugs (even medicinal drugs, if you can) to promote testosterone production. 

Avoid Estrogen (and Phytoestrogen) 

Finally, the female hormone estrogen and its naturally occurring counterparts phytoestrogens are known to cancel out the influence of testosterone in the body. 

Avoiding exposure to estrogen-like compounds such as those in plastics and certain foods, may also help raise your natural testosterone level. 

Final Thoughts On Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Low testosterone can be a serious problem for men and women alike, if you think you’re suffering from Low T, please try the methods above but don’t be afraid to talk to your physician as well.

They can help you determine if you really are Low T and the best way to tackle your issue, as there are many potential causes of Low T.

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