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Top 10 Best Workout Podcasts For 2023

We love to listen to podcasts while we workout and we figured that you would too.

So, we asked our audience what their favorite workout podcasts were and now, we’re going to share them with you. 

There’s something for absolutely everyone, no matter what age or state of fitness they are at, you can exercise your mind, while you exercise your body!

Mind Pump Podcast

It’s hard to separate fitness facts from fitness fiction a lot of the time.

That’s because there are a lot of people out there seeking to make a quick buck out of your desire to lead a healthier life.

Not these guys, the Mind Pump Podcast brings together 4 fitness professionals who live for facts and love to debunk the myths surrounding healthy living.

The sooner you start listening to this, the wiser you’re going to feel about your health journey.

Science of Ultra

A workout is one thing, the ultra-long-distance run is on a completely different level and while we doubt that it will convert many folks to ultra-running, the Science of Ultra is super entertaining.

They dive deep into the details of the long-distance running scene and, in particular, they explore what’s going on at a biological level during serious long-term high-intensity exercise.

The Yoga Hour

Sadly, you can’t listen to the Yoga Hour while doing one of our favorite online yoga classes but you can certainly listen to it when you practice yoga by yourself without taking part in a class.

This fascinating podcast takes you into the history of yoga, how modern yoga evolved, all the different types of yoga and more. 

Beyond The Barbell

Beyond the barbell’s two hosts are Ben Alderman and Blair Morrison and they explore the world of CrossFit training.

They talk about it from a business perspective as well as an athletic perspective and it gives you real insight into how CrossFit works.
They also feature plenty of guest experts in fitness and nutrition across the board.

The Breaking Muscle Podcast

You can bet that some of our favorite Instagram vegan bodybuilders are tuning into the Breaking Muscle Podcast when they workout.

It’s the perfect strength training companion and it investigates the thorny questions like “Why am I not building muscle at the moment?” and “How to develop a growth scheme?”

Empowered by Iron

Dr Kristin Lander and Dr Mary Morton make everything about being a woman in weightlifting easier with their empowering podcast.

Both the doctors have found a new lease of life in weightlifting and they think you can too. 

Work, Play, Love

Parenting, running a business and working out?

That’s Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas who also found the time to start a podcast.

They’ll show you how to live life to the maximum with tons of practical tips and honest examination of life as it really is. 

Live Foreverish

This podcast is targeted at an older audience and seniors will find its in-depth details on how to deal with aging, chronic disease and staying fit invaluable.
We thought it was fascinating too, you don’t have to wait until you reach seniority to start implementing some of this advice. 

Legendary Life Podcast

The Legendary Life podcast is squarely targeted at folks in their 40s looking to get back into fitness and change their lives in a positive way.

He covers everything from limiting beliefs to injury prevention. 

The Muscle, Mindset & Meal Prep: A Fitness And Nutrition Podcast 

Simon Mitchell is all about meal prep, nutrition and weight loss and if you’re looking to practice self-kindness as part of your eating regime, this is where to go for information.

It’s a gold mine of useful material about supplementing too. 

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it, the ten podcasts that our readers love to work out to.

We think there’s something in there for everyone and we’ve added a few of these to our own listening rotation. 

We love podcasts when working out as it helps expand your mind without distracting from the exercise, we hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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