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Weightlifting Apps For 2023

Best Weightlifting Apps

The best way to learn to lift and maintain a routine is with a personal trainer but that can be far too expensive for many of us. 

If that’s the case for you, then you might want to check out these weightlifting apps which are nearly as good as having a personal trainer but way cheaper and easier to carry around with you too!

Best Weightlifting Apps


If strength training is your thing, then Strong is your app. 

We’d suggest that it’s a better fit for old hands rather than gym newbies though as this one goes  into a lot of detail when it comes to tracking your progress.

It also provides you with plenty of instructional videos and new exercises to do. 
Check it out here.

Fitness Point

We really like the free option of Fitness Point which is very generous and gives you a really good idea of what to expect from the paid version.

And that is detail. Lots and lots of detail, from exercises to animated videos to show you each step in a routine to ensure your lifting is on point. 

The workout log is ridiculously comprehensive and there’s nothing you can’t monitor, there’s even a notes section so you can record your latest hangover or poor sleep patterns in it. 

Apple Watch users will be really pleased with Fitness Point’s iWatch support too. 
Check it out here.

Simple Workout Log

This is the best and easiest to use workout tracking app that we can find. 

If you’re not really into tech but are tired of scribbling notes about your workouts on to paper, this is the app for you.

You enter the weights used, the reps and sets count and can organize them into routines and that’s about it.

Sadly, it’s only for Android now but there is an iPhone app in the works, keep checking their site for release details. 
Check it out here.


If you want an app to teach you new exercises, then Jefit probably has a trick or two that even an old dog can benefit from learning.

They have a library of over 1,300 exercises and all the detailed information you need to carry them out safely and without getting hurt.

Better still, they can also provide pre-built workout routines and then you can track your progress using the app too. 
Check it out here.


Fitbod is the ideal beginner’s app as most of the work is done for you by the algorithm, that leaves you free to concentrate on learning the ropes rather than the app. 

Point it at the equipment and it will suggest exercises, reps, sets and more and it makes it easy for you to get used to a gym without having to pay for a personal trainer. 
Check it out here.


This is the bodybuilding pro app with many big-name bodybuilders contributing their individual programs to the app. 

So, whatever your lifting goal is, they have a professional to teach you how to get there and it includes more than just exercise instructions.

You also get nutrition plans, expert advice and more. This is one of the best educational apps we’ve seen in any field. 
Check it out here.


There is no better weightlifting workout logging program than Gymaholic as long as you have the time to record all the details it needs.

Serious weightlifters, particularly those who compete, will be able to take all that data and really fine tune their gym time to get the most benefits. 

There’s even an AR output that lets you see an augmented reality model of yourself which is super cool. 
Check it out here.


If you don’t have much in the way of equipment accessible for your lifting workout then you want to grab Sworkit. 

It’s all about pre-designed workout regimes that need next to no special equipment to carry out, when we’re traveling light – Sworkit is our go to when the hotel gym is closed or only has one piece of working equipment. 

You can even put together custom workouts from their exercise library!
Check it out here.

Final Thoughts On Weightlifting Apps

You might need to try a couple of apps to find the one that suits you best but these weightlifting apps are all more than capable of helping you to find enormous personal gains. 

Why not install one on your phone, today, in preparation for your next workout? 

If you’re getting into working out, you might also appreciate these workout podcasts and if you’re also doing mental toughness training, these mindfulness apps are awesome too. 

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