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Our Fave Meal Replacement Shakes for 2023

Our best vegan meal replacement shakes have two benefits to those who workout on a regular basis. 

Firstly, they provide an excellent source of protein which if you intend to skip a meal will keep you feeling full and help you to build muscle in your workouts. 

Secondly, they can also be used as a gym supplement to add extra protein to your diet to really bulk up. 

So, check out our vegan meal replacement shakes as they’re both tasty and healthy. (You don’t even have to be vegan to benefit from them!)


Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Powder

13 different sources of protein but also very low in calories, ideal for those losing weight.


Ample V Berry Canister

Plenty of protein and plenty of fat make this one of the best vegan meal replacements.

Primal Harvest Prebiotic and Probiotics Supplement

Vega One Organic Meal Replacement Plant Based Protein Powder

The most popular vegan meal replacement shake is popular for good reason.

Ample V Berry Canister

Some vegan meal replacement shakes are a real pain to mix, you pop the powder in and start to stir and all of a sudden you’ve got nothing but powder clumps floating on the top.

Not with Ample V Berry Canister which mixes up really easily and provides a thin but very creamy tasting meal replacement shake which tastes absolutely fantastic.


This is an ideal shake for vegan bodybuilders or powerlifters – it contains more fat and protein than any other shake in our roundup.


1. You won’t find any artificial sweeteners inside
2. You’ll absolutely love the creamy cherry taste

3. You’ll never struggle to get this product to dissolve


1. It packs in 400 calories in a serving – not great for weight loss

2. There’s quite a bit of sugar in this product

3. Only one flavor? We need more!

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Powder

We need to warn you that though this product is protein-rich (it has 13 different types of protein that it uses in the formulation) it is also very low calorie.

That’s not a bad thing per se but it may not fill you up enough when you replace a meal with the Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Powder, so you may end up going back for seconds. 


This product comes in several flavors including vanilla, vanilla spiced chai, chocolate cacao and original. We tried the vanilla spiced chai for the test and it was great.


1. It’s a great choice for weight loss at a maximum of 130 calories per meal

2. The range of flavors is good and it tastes lovely

3. You get a lot of fiber in each shake


1. It’s an expensive powder

2. Some users say they can’t bear the taste of this product

3. It really is low in calories and may not be enough for some

Vega One Organic Meal Replacement Plant Based Protein Powder

The most popular vegan meal replacement shake, according to Amazon sales, is, by far, the Vega One Organic Protein Powder and that’s good because it’s very nice to drink.

It contains plenty of protein (20 grams) while still providing a more sensible number of calories than the Ample V Berry product.


If you try just one serving of this, you should get the equivalent to half of your RDA in 8 different minerals and vitamins, that’s a big deal.


1. All those Amazon purchases can’t be wrong and they aren’t

2. We really liked the taste of this, it’s a great meal replacement

3. You’ll find the ingredients are high-quality and organic too


1. A few users say the old formula tasted better – but we have nothing to compare it to

2. It doesn’t have much sugar in it, but it is very sweet

3. The berry version has an unusual aftertaste

Vast by KiiTO Organic Plant Protein Drink

We were encouraged to add Vast by KiiTO to our tests at the last minute by a friend and we’re glad that we did, they offer a very wholesome meal replacement product, indeed.

You’ll find that all the possible allergens from gluten to soy are absent here and they still offer a nice range of flavors (each one with a slightly different mix of nutrients).


Gym goers will be pleased to know that you still get 20 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat in these shakes despite their low calorie total.


1. They’re very healthy with no added junk

2. You can reach for one of these whenever you want one, they’re pre-made

3. A lot of flavors, you’ll find one you like, at least


1. It’s quite expensive for a meal replacement product

2. If you want to cut down on fat – there are better options

3. It’s got no Vitamin B12 – which is downright odd for a vegan supplement

Orgain Organic Nutrition Shake

Our only reservation with Orgain’s Organic Nutritional Shake is that it’s quite low in protein when you compare it to the other vegan meal replacements – obviously, when you’re working out, protein is key to muscle development.

However, 16 g is enough protein as long as you’re making sure your other meals are protein-heavy and these are really tasty shakes.


It may be light in protein but it’s also pretty light in calories and there are only 220 calories in each carton of the Orgain shake!


1. There are 21 vitamins and minerals in each serving

2. You can use them any time as they are pre-made

3. They don’t have Vitamin K (important if you’re on Warfarin)


1. They don’t contain as much protein as most meal replacement shakes

2. They have a little too much sugar for our liking

3. Some say this formula isn’t as tasty as the old one

Final Thoughts On The Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

Vegan meal replacement shakes don’t have to interrupt your strength training, they can supply the protein you need to stay in shape and still miss a meal.

We’d recommend that you also consider probiotics if you intend to miss meals regularly, as they can help you stay focused and fit too. 

Working out as a vegan can help you develop a strong body and a sound mind, it’s a clean and healthy diet which is as good for the planet as it is for you.

So, enjoy your meal replacement shake – you’ve earned it. 

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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