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Best Vegan Fat Burners for 2023

So, you’re looking to shed a little weight? Then why not check out these best vegan fat burners?

They’re designed to complement your workout routine – not replace it and you still need to eat a good diet, but if you do, then they can help to boost fat burning and you should be able to see the pounds melt away!

The ingredients are, of course, fully safe and won’t interfere with bodybuilding or any other strength related endeavor. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Grab your fitness monitor, swallow a vegan fat burner and head to the gym to reap the weight loss rewards!

Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning

Slimmy Tabs Super-Burn Dissolvable Tablets 

An effervescent tablet which shouldn’t work but really does seem to help the weight fall off.


Leanbean Fat Burner

This is a formula that female athletes swear by to boost their metabolism and to top up their nutritional programs. 

Bob’s Red Mill Large Flake Nutritional Yeast

Bserk® Core Natural Fat Burner

A new entrant to the market with a lot going for it including 7 all-natural fat burning ingredients!

Leanbean Fat Burner

So, what makes Leanbean Fat Burner one of our favorite fat burners?

Well, we think that it’s probably the use of Konjac Fiber in their products. 

This is meant to help you stay full because it takes longer to digest than most forms of fiber and we found that it really works. 

Half the battle in weight loss is eating less, so if anything makes you less hungry, it has to be of some benefit, right?


LeanBean is said to be the number one choice of America’s female athletes when they reach for a fat burning supplement and we can see why, it’s great.


1. This product contains Chromium, Zin, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 all are essential for good nutrition

2. We found that these pills had no adverse effects when using them

3. The addition of turmeric means that they should also have anti-inflammatory properties


1. They’re not the cheapest fat burning pills on the market, sadly

2. You need to persist with them – you really see a difference after about 2 weeks

3. You need to take more than one tablet a day

Slimmy Tabs Super-Burn Dissolvable Tablets

The one thing that impressed us the most about Slimmy Tabs’ fat burning tablets was how many of their users said that they would recommend them to their friends.

93% of them, in fact!

That’s an excellent reference point and it persuaded us to drop them into our glasses, watch them fizz up and swallow them down.


The ingredients in these fat burning pills are very different to those in competing products, we’re not entirely sure why they work as well as they do. 


1. We found that this product delivered the benefits that it claimed to do

2. We had no negative side-effects when taking them

3. We also found that we felt less bloated when using them


1. It’s not clear how these tablets actually achieve the results that they do

2. The taste is odd, sort of watermelon crossed with peanut butter and not very strong

3. The product seems to have an odd feel in your mouth

Bserk® Core Natural Fat Burner

Bserk’s latest fat burner is a relative newcomer to the market, it appears to have just been launched, however it’s worth noting that it replaces two previous iterations and is said to be the “best ever”.

The tablets are covered in an OmniBead coating that slows down the digestion of the tablet, promoting a slow-release of the active ingredients. 


Speaking of active ingredients there are 11 of them and 7 are specifically designed to give you a fat burning boost. 


1. You’ll find it easier to concentrate when taking these tablets

2. There is a big boost to your overall energy levels from these fat burners

3. We like the fact that fat is then burned using ATP to ensure it’s fully lost


1. Some consumers allege the product isn’t vegan but we checked the ingredients and they are vegan

2. It has no impact on your resting routine at all which is a shame

3. The newness of the product makes it hard to find other opinions on the product

LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner & Sleep Aid by Jacked Factory

This is a very different product when compared to other fat burning supplements as the name suggests the LEAN PM NIGHT TIME FAT BURNER is a product that’s meant to be used while you sleep.

It then uses decaffeinated tea ingredients such as catechins to help your burn fat while guaranteeing you a good night’s sleep.  


The LEAN PM factory has attained cGMP and NSF certification which gives you some confidence in the veracity of the ingredients.  


1. It really does seem to help you get a better night’s sleep

2. Made in the USA with a 100% money-back guarantee

3. Great combination of natural ingredients 


1. Free shipping requires you to buy a large supply

2. You really don’t want to pay in 4 monthly
installments for a single month’s supply

3. Doesn’t keep your hunger at bay


PHENQ boasts of their 5 powerful weight loss ingredients in every pill and we can see their point, we found this product to be reasonably effective at fat burning.

It also helped to keep our appetite to a minimum during the course of the day which is very useful for weight loss. 


They offer a full money back warranty if you’re not happy with your purchase but they sneak in a clause that this doesn’t include shipping charges.


1. A money back warranty is a nice statement of confidence in the product

2. You should find that each bottle gives you a full 30 day supply

3. They use a lot of science to support their approach


1. We found PhenQ to be quite expensive

2. They exclude shipping from the guarantee

3. They are not suitable for women who are currently expecting a child

POWHER Fat Burner For Women

One thing we really like about POWHER’s fat burner is that they rely on science to determine what goes in to the product and in what doses – if it doesn’t work (and we found that it did) then you can blame the research not the company.

Their strategy is to combine an appetite suppressant with a metabolic booster. 


This contains a substance known as glucomannan which, while quite hard to spell, is very good at preventing you from eating in response to emotional urging. 


1. It’s nice to see a company putting emphasis on scientific evidence

2. The vitamin B6 and B12 are essential for a vegan lifestyle

3. You get a real buzz from this product


1. You get a real buzz because it contains caffeine, don’t use this after work

2. It has a high price tag

3. We couldn’t find many other reviews of this product to corroborate our findings

Final Thoughts On Vegan Fat Burners

We need to stress that these best vegan fat burners aren’t a replacement for your current diet and exercise regime.

Yes, we all wish, at times, that you could just pop a couple of pills and be the perfect weight but it doesn’t work like that.

What we can say is that in conjunction with your current routine these vegan fat burners can make a noticeable impact and help you burn fat faster than ever before. 

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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