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Top 5 Best Probiotics Supplements Brands for 2023

Best Probiotics Supplements Brands

Fitness is about more than workouts, which is why everyone should know about the best probiotic supplements brands. 

The time spent in your home gym or working out on pull up bars might all be wasted if you’re not eating right. And if you are eating right, you may still benefit from a probiotic supplement. 

Probiotics boost your microbiome and help with gut and digestive health and they can give your immune system a top up too.

According to the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics, if you take the right probiotic it can make a massive difference to your health and fitness.


Lactoflor Bioplus Bulgarian Probiotic and Prebiotic

Vegetarian-friendly and can help with fitness and the side-effects of antibiotic treatments too. 


Visbiome® High Potency Probiotic 

It’s been through over 70 human clinical trials and is proven to have major health benefits.

Primal Harvest Prebiotic and Probiotics Supplement

Primal Harvest Prebiotic and Probiotics Supplement

A powerful formula backed with a 90-day no quibbles money back guarantee. 

Visbiome® High Potency Probiotic 60 Capsules

This Visbiome® High Potency probiotic contains 8 different strains of friendly bacteria (and about 110 billion of them) in each capsule. It has to be shipped cold and insulated to be effective. 

It has been reported to help with general immune and health conditions as well as specifically with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Pouchitis, Hepatic encephalopathy and Ulcerative Colitis too. 

Quick Fact: This has been through 70+ clinical trials which means you can rely on it having no negative effects on your body.


1. Made in USA and 100% vegetarian friendly
2. This is an all-natural product with all natural ingredients
3. Clinically demonstrated to have real benefits


1. Does contain lactose – not vegan friendly
2. Needs to be unpacked quickly into a cold environment to maintain bacterial life
3. 2 capsules = 1 dose which makes it more expensive than it seems

Lactoflor Bioplus

60 Capsules Bulgarian Probiotic and Prebiotic.

Lactoflor is designed with the gastro-intestinal tract in mind. It helps your body to protect itself. 

One nice side benefit of this supplement is that if you’re on antibiotics and not feeling great it can help to counteract the worst of the side effects.

It does this by encouraging your body’s natural bacteria to return and flourish.

Quick Fact: The “Bulgarian” in the name is from the name of the bacteria Lactobacillus Bulgariicus and not from the country name.


1. We could see a real boost on our fitness tracker performance when using this
2. Contains inulin a natural product from chicory roots
3. Users say it works very well


1. No clinical supporting evidence from trials
2. Quite expensive
3. We couldn’t confirm if it was vegan or vegetarian friendly

Primal Harvest Premium Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplements

The Primal Harvest Premium Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplement is a real value buy and while it’s not supported with clinical data – we can offer that, anecdotally, this really helped us feel great every day. 

It’s also a single capsule dose which makes it even better value when compared to some other probiotics supplements.

Quick Fact: This supplement contains Lactospore which is said to help regulate cholesterol as well as reduce inflammation in your body.


1. The 90 day no quibbles money back guarantee is a great deal
2. Contains prebiotics as well as probiotics
3. Very good for combating inflammation


1. Some users report receiving broken bottles and having to return it
2. Some users report receiving expired products and having to return them
3. No clinical data for efficacy

OLLY Extra Strength Probiotic

If you hate swallowing capsules or pills then you might want to consider the gummies that are OLLY Extra Strength Probiotic. 
You need 2 every day, which means that a bottle lasts for just 25 days, however, they aren’t very expensive. 
They claim that each gummy contains live bacteria that are perfect for boosting your health and immune system.

Quick Fact: OLLY say that their mission is to make nutrition easy to understand and that you don’t need to compromise, ever, when it comes to your health.


1. Gummy format makes it very easy to take
2. Lower cost than some probiotics
3. They taste fantastic!


1. Doesn’t ship with ice and may get warm in summer
2. Some users have reported receiving melted gummies
3. Doesn’t seem to help very much with IBS

Chewable Oral Probiotics Dentist Formulated

Dr. Paul O’Malley brings us chewable oral probiotics in a range of flavors – though we opted for the Strawberry-Vanilla which were very nice. 

These probiotics not only give your immune system a boost but they also make your breath smell better by tackling bad bacteria in your stomach.

Quick Fact: 7 potent strains of bacteria make up the mix in this probiotic and unlike most probiotics they do not need refrigerating, which makes storage easy too.


1. They taste nice and help with bad breath
2. We found that we felt good while taking this product
3. Suitable for vegetarians


1. One user reported an allergic reaction to this product
2. Can take quite a long time to have an effect
3. Quite expensive if you take them at the recommended pace

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