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Best Pre-Workout Supplements for 2023

It’s not easy finding the best pre-workout supplements, we had to test over 100 products to come up with our shortlist. 

And then we had to take a close look at what, exactly, goes into each of them, because there’s no point in recommending something that makes you feel great, while it does long-term harm is there?

However, it’s fair to say that with all that hard work out of the way we can now say with confidence that these are the best pre-workout supplements on the market, right now.

Our Best Pre-Workout Supplements

Transparent Labs Bulk

One thing we really like about Transparent Labs Bulk is the relatively small portion size. 

As the name suggests, this supplement is all about bulking up and you can almost feel your muscles growing after you use it. 


One of the more unusual ingredients in this supplement is boron. This has been linked to boost the production of testosterone in recent studies and may really boost your workout.


1. This is very well-labeled and the dosing is inline with what you’d expect for each ingredient

2. There’s a ton of Vitamin D and Zinc in this, both of which are known to boost the immune system

3. There are no artificial sweeteners in the mix


1. It’s a bit on the sour side due to the lack of sweeteners

2. It’s quite expensive compared to some of our other choices

3. It’s good for testosterone production, if you don’t want that, avoid

Wrecked Pre-Workout

A relative newcomer to the supplements market, Wrecked is no slouch and has a whacking 21 grams of powder per scoop. 

This is a completely balanced product with every vitamin and nutrient that you could possibly need to get more out of your workouts. 


You don’t need to use a lot of Wrecked and you may find that just half a scoop is enough, particularly if this is your first pre-workout supplement routine. 


1. Huge amounts of nutrients per scoop which means you can expect big gains

2. It releases energy immediately and keeps providing it over the long-term

3. You get a nice choice of flavors so the taste doesn’t become boring


1. It’s always in high-demand which means that you may not be able to secure a supply easily

2. It’s quite expensive when compared to other products but you can use less of it and still get great results

3. Best results come from stacking it with other Wrecked supplements

Performance Lab Pre

If you’re working out for pure strength then you might want to check out Performance Lab Pre which is tailored for strength gains and provides a nice amount of creatine in each use.

They also help to provide the focus and energy you need to pump heavy iron and really work your muscles. 


Unusually for a pre-workout supplement this supplement is taken in tablet form (6 per workout to be precise) which makes them convenient for travel and relatively tasteless. 


1. Tailored for those pursuing strength training and contain a decent amount of creatine

2. They contain about 1/8th of the iron that you need each day

3. They’re fully vegan and thus suitable for anyone doing strength training


1. 6 pills per serving is a bit on the heavy side when it comes to swallowing

2. If you’re already supplementing creatine, this might not be your best choice

3. There’s no caffeine in this which means they’re not quite as aggressively energy boosting as some other brands

Huge Supplements’ Magnify

If you’re just looking to give yourself a Nitric Oxide boost pre-workout then Magnify might be your perfect choice. 

Nitric oxide helps your body shift nutrients into the cellular makeup of your muscles, this allows them to fill with blood and improves the amount of energy you can put into lifting. 


Many users report that they could see benefits within two weeks of using Magnify and report the “best pumps ever”. 


1. Increases vasodilation (the capacity of your veins) to allow muscles to work harder

2. All ingredients are backed by science as fully effective

3. Helps to improve your muscle pumps like no other supplement


1. You must take 5 pills each time you workout which feels excessive

2. You have to buy this from Huge Supplements directly

3. It often sells out and you have to wait a while for it to restock 

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged

If it’s energy you crave from a pre-workout supplement then the giant hit of caffeine in Pre-Kaged won’t let you down, in fact, it should keep you buzzing through the most intense workout. 

We are also impressed by the addition of branched-chain amino acids, that are designed to help you bulk up even on an empty stomach!


Pre-Kaged also contains taurine as well as tyrosine, two ingredients that are known to help boost focus when working out.


1. Contains branched-chain amino acids which many prefer as part of their pre-workout routine

2. Contains powdered vegetables which may make Pre-Kaged a “green powder” stacked with antioxidants

3. Very good for endurance workouts and for those requiring focus


1. Has an absolute ton of caffeine in it, don’t use it if you’re sensitive to caffeine

2. Very large serving size makes it not ideal for people looking for something easy to get down fast

3. The texture of the powder in water isn’t the greatest

Alani Nu Pre-Workout

Alani Nu’s pre-workout formula is tailored to women and it provides a very smooth flow of energy that doesn’t leave you feeling jittery or twitchy. 

In addition, our testers found noticeable benefits in the quality of their pumps, their focus, and their overall endurance. 


This supplement was designed to help women meet their training goals and it is an excellent thermogenic fat burner. 


1. The best women’s supplement that you can find

2. Contains absolutely no banned substances and has been third party assayed for your assurance

3. Contains caffeine but not enough to give you the caffeine jitters


1. It’s an expensive supplement, but you do get what you pay for

2. The Beta-Alanine in this supplement has been known to make people feel “tingly”

3. Not everybody likes the taste of this supplement powder as it’s very sweet

Final Thoughts

There is probably no “one size fits all” pre-workout supplement and as we discovered in our tests, there are nearly an infinite number of formulations out there for these supplements.

However, the best pre-workout supplements that made our list, all do what they promise to do on the tin and contain no harmful or illegal ingredients. 

You may need to experiment a little to work out which one is the right one for you, so why not order your first batch today? 

And if you’re looking for other useful supplements for your workout and health, you might also want to check out our fave vegan multivitamins. 

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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