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Top Online Pilates Courses For 2023

More than 9 million Americans choose pilates as one of their fitness activities every year and that’s because pilates is both safe and fun. 

But not everyone has a convenient pilates class on their doorstep that they can join to get their workout. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best online pilates courses, so you can learn pilates at home and get all the benefits of this wonderful workout, wherever you are.

Our Best Online Pilates Courses

Glo Pilates

Glo Pilates is one of the biggest resources for pilates on the Internet and there’s guaranteed to be something there that can help you up your pilates game.

Glo Pilates Best Online Pilates Courses

They have over 3,000 instruction videos (though some of these focus on meditation or yoga instead of pilates) and their app makes them all available for a sensible monthly fee. 

No matter your level of fitness or experience, Glo has a pilates instructor for you and it can also help you with mental toughness training too. 

Pilates Anytime

We discovered Pilates Anytime while listening to our favorite workout podcasts and we really haven’t been disappointed in this generous resource.

Pilates Anytime

They have over 3,400 videos and they can be streamed easily to any device you want, so it’s as easy to cram in a quick pilates session with your phone at work as it is to turn the TV on at home. 

They constantly add new videos too, so there’s no chance you’ll get bored with their offering. 

Sky Ting

Sky Ting’s model is all about giving you access to both on demand and live pilates classes. 

This may make it a very attractive option for the total beginner as you can get some one-to-one coaching for just $20 a month. 

Sky Ting

The instructors are very good at keeping you motivated which is quite impressive when you consider how laid-back the overall vibe of these classes is. 

The library of content is big enough that you’ll never get tired of Sky Ting.



If you want to use Pilates-Ology then we suggest starting with their self-assessment questionnaire which can lead you to the perfect workouts for your needs. 


Their beginner’s program is excellent and even includes pre-Pilates strength training (or you can use our free strength training guide, instead for this) to ensure you can keep up when you get started. 


Fiton’s the perfect pilates instructor for those without a huge amount of money to spend on instruction as it’s completely free to use. 


The downside of this is that Fiton isn’t as fully-featured as any of the other pilates instruction sites and there is only a small library of pilates videos to choose from. 

All their courses are very short and there are no advanced classes, but for free, you can’t really complain, can you? 

Alo Moves

The Alo Moves plan is a fairly substantial investment, though you can get a 14-day free trial before you commit. 

Alo Moves

For that you get their star instructor Tela Anderson delivering both beginner and intermediate classes to a very high standard. 

They also offer some general fitness, yoga and meditation courses to boost the subscription value. 

Daily Burn

Daily Burn offers a two phase structured program that’s perfect for a learner that wants to follow a course from one stage to the next. 

Daily Burns Pilates

The fundamentals are covered in 6 excellent workouts and then phase 2 really gets into the nitty-gritty of things. 

The only downside is that it’s quite expensive for a pilates only program, but they do offer other fitness routines as part of the subscription fee. 

Pilates On Fifth

If you want to do something more than just standard pilates and use a load of cool equipment (props in pilates terms) to enhance your workout then Pilates on Fifth has you covered. 

Pilates on Fifith

The basic subscription costs around $13 a month and that gives you access to their whole fitness-on-demand library of pilates and pilates-related training courses. 

You can also pay extra to join their live classes and, unusually for an online fitness course provider, you can even sign up to their teaching training program once your pilates reaches a certain standard and become a pilates instructor!

Final Thoughts On Best Online Pilates Courses

If you want to join the 9 million Americans doing pilates, then with these online courses you should find it very easy, indeed. 

Pilates is fun and easy to get to grips with and when you can learn anywhere at any time, there’s no excuse not to get started is there? 

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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