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Top 8 Best Mental Strength Podcasts For 2021

Mental Strength Podcasts

You can’t be the best if your mind’s on something else. 

If you want to succeed in life, at fitness or anything else, you need to train your mind to push on in the same way that you want your body to be able to push on.

The good news is that learning mental toughness isn’t hard and you can get a lot of valuable advice from our best mental strength podcasts to get you heading in the right direction. 

Best Mental Strength Podcasts

Building Psychological Strength

April Seifer, Ph.D. is an acclaimed expert in psychological strength and she’s happy to share her insights to help you become mentally stronger. 

Over the course of nearly 300 episodes, she has explored mental toughness in a huge variety of situations and how to make sure that you are prepared for anything. 
Check it out here.

Matt Phillip’s The Mental Toughness Podcast

Matt is a high performance coach and this 24 episode podcast series is tightly focused on delivering the changes you need in your life so that you can reach the heights you always wanted to.

We like the fact that he brings in guests that have experienced major successes in life, so you can see how these lessons really apply to the world around you. 
Check it out here.

Warrior Mind Coach

With nearly 550 episodes under their belt, the Warrior Mind podcast is, perhaps, the most successful mental toughness podcast of all time.

We like that each episode is focused on a single problem!

While there is a little repetition between some episodes, we think it would be impossible to cover this much ground without occasionally saying the same thing. 
Check it out here.

Don’t Tell Me The Score

The BBC’s Simon Mundie hosts Don’t Tell Me The Score which interviews a wide-range of successful athletes and those associated with their success.

There is, as you’d expect, a sporting emphasis here but there are plenty of tips that you can apply to any life situation too. We loved his recent interview on Kindness with Dr. David Hamilton. 
Check it out here.

Dr. Chatterjee’s Feel Better Live More

Dr. Chaterjee is one of Europe’s biggest podcasters and he looks at all areas of health on his Feel Better Live More podcast.

However, mental toughness is a regular feature on the show and he often brings on specialists to take a deep dive into the aspects of psychological well being and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions as he does. 
Check it out here.

All In The Mind

Also from the BBC but this time exploring the full potential of the human mind and trying to define the hard limits of what’s really possible. 

This can be quite “sciencey” but it’s also packed full of tips and practical advice that you can use immediately and throughout your life. 
Check it out here.


This is a short series of mental training and mindset training specifically aimed at runners. 

It’s worth noting that non-runners will certainly find plenty of useful information in the series too and if you’re looking for a nice simple introduction to mental toughness, this might be the perfect place to start. 
Check it out here.

Runner’s Connect Run To The Top

Not every episode of Runner’s Connect is concerned with mental toughness but many of them.

For example, Scot Wells is a guest who is an expert who has spoken on the subject all over the world. 

Sarah Russell is very inspiring too, she was told she’d never eat or walk again.

Her mental toughness got her back on her feet and running 100 miles in the Himalayas with her colostomy bag! 
Check it out here.

Final Thoughts On Mental Strength Podcasts

To be mentally tough means learning new skills and then putting them into regular practice, these awesome mental strength podcasts can help you learn what you need to do.

Then it’s down to you to keep on doing it, until it becomes a natural part of your routine. 

There are many other ways to develop mental toughness if you want more than just podcasts.

You could also try these brilliant mental toughness books, our 10 ways to build mental strength or even get started with these mental strength training routines

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