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Free Meditation Apps We Recommend

Did you know that 14% of Americans have meditated at least once and that nearly 500 million people meditate worldwide?

Meditation is proven to help you improve your mental toughness and reduce anxiety and stress.

Thanks to the internet, learning to meditate has never been easier!

Check out these free meditation apps to install on your smartphone and start reaping the benefits of a less stressful life, today.


This is a great app to start meditating with. 

It has over 40 million users and they provide a free basics pack and a 10 day course that helps you get to grips with meditating without paying a dime for it. 

You also get access to “Sleep” by Headspace which provides assistance with sleeping at night which further reduces stress. 

Costs: Headspace offers a free plan to get you started as well as subscription options for more advanced meditators.

Check it out here.

10% Happier

Dan Harris is the ABC anchor who once had a panic attack on air. 

Determined to ensure it would never happen to him or anyone else again, he turned to meditation and then decided to share what he learned with the world.

10% Happier is his app and there are a lot of meditations to choose from here. 

Costs: The 10% Happier App offers some free meditations and lessons as well as an introductory 7-day series. There is also an annual subscription with more meditations.

Check it out here.

Meditation Studio

If you have a MUSE headband, you’ll get even more out of Meditation Studio as the brain sensing technology has been integrated into this app though it’s not essential to get value out of Meditation Studio. 

They offer meditations from a world-leading array of experts and there are over 500 to choose from, though they’re not all available to free-plan users. 

Costs: Free but for iOS users only, Android users must pay at least $3.99 a month and there are annual and monthly subscriptions for more meditations for both operating systems.

Check it out here.

My Life: Stop, Breathe and Think 

This absolutely excellent app is aimed squarely at younger people and if you’re under 25, then you may find that this is your perfect meditation partner. 

Their stated aim is to help young people develop the skills to deal with the rollercoaster ride that is modern life and the meditations are around both mental and physical wellness. 

There’s even a Spanish language option. 

Costs: Not only is this app available for both operating systems but it’s also free on iOS and Android for 34 sessions. After that there’s a reasonable monthly subscription of which 10% is donated to Tools for Peace which is a non-profit helping at-risk-youth learn to meditate.

Check it out here.


Sanvello goes beyond mindfulness and meditation and is meant to help those suffering from anxiety and/or depression. 

So, in addition to excellent guided meditation practices, you’ll also find a bunch of behavioral health tools and a community that you can connect with and seek support from. 

Costs: This app is free to begin with but if you want the extra features you’ll need to pay a monthly or annual fee.

Check it out here.

A Meditation App Worth Paying For

It’s impossible to talk about meditation apps and not talk about Calm which is the most popular app in the category, sadly, it’s only free for 30 days and after that it’s a paid service. 

However, it has won app of the year for both Apple and Google’s app stores and it is packed with meditation, relaxing music and sleep exercises that will make you feel relaxed all the time. 

They’ve also recently launched an extension of the app called “Body” that helps you combine meditation with mindful movement and stretching exercises. 

If you have to pick just one paid meditation app, it ought to be Calm. 

Costs: You get a 30-day free trial and then you can either pay an annual fee or a one-off lifetime fee for endless access to Calm. 

Check it out here.

Final Thoughts

Why not join the 500 million people who meditate worldwide with one of these free meditation apps. 

You can get started today, the only thing you need in addition to the app, is yourself. 

So, why not download one and feel less stressed already? 

Stephen Oliver
Stephen Oliver
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